Awesome piece!

"La Grange" is the hit song from ZZ Top's 1973 album "Tres Hombres".
The song charted highest at number 41.
Notice that the lyrics, at first do not seem harsh or brash in any way, but if you listen closely and start putting it all together, you realize that they are really describing a little whorehouse. In 1973, most songs, especially a Top 10 hit, did not contain much dirty language in the lyrics. The other aspect about this song that makes it amazing is the guitar riff- it's just one of the best of all-time. There is a reason why Jimi Hendrix once said that Billy Gibbons was going to be the next big guitarist. This song proves that.

ZZ Top... Frank Beard on Drums, Dusty Rhodes on Bass and Billy "Guitar" Gibbons on guitar.
Best 3 piece band to ever play.