The White Rose Ladies society

Last night, surfing by the web i found a very interesting article about a secret female society originated in ancient Greece, but remains active till today.
These women have used different names in different countries.
Some of them are: "The White Ladies," "The Ladies of the White Rose," "The Daughters of Venus", "White Roses" among others.

The article said that today there are many active groups of these ladies, who claim that the nature of women is to please her man, and always beautiful and available.
According to his philosophy the males are naturally dominant and polygamous, and females on the other hand, are weaker and seductive, and nature is full of examples.

Apparently there is ample evidence of the existence of these secret societies across Europe, U.S., Latin America, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Israel.

Apparently they are cultural reasons that have prevented the emergence of similar groups in Arab countries, although some assert that already exist in most westernized arab countries.