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What hairstyle will Neymar use next game?

What hairstyle will Neymar use next game?
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Mia Khalifa wins the Physics Olympiad?

During the past weekend Twitter has been (once again) on everyone's lips. This time he did it thanks to the hoax that reconverted a porn actress in the brand new winner of the Physics Olympics.

"This girl is Montana Garcia and she is a neighbor of Caceres, she has just won the 2018 Physics and Chemistry Olympics, but since she is not a footballer and does not dedicate herself to realities, you will not see the news in any media." This was the text that accompanied the image of a smiling young woman, which turned out not to fulfill any of the previous definitions.

Neither is called Montana, nor is it a neighbor of Caceres, much less has just taken up the title in any Physics Olympiad. In fact, it is a porn actress known as Mia Khalifa. The tweet, published by the account @jpergim, quickly obtained a great impact on Twitter, where it already has more than 36,000 interactions.

Thousands of people, who did not follow these eight tips to avoid biting into a hoax, echoed information that turned out to be false. Among those affected are noted journalists who in some cases have even been forced to apologize from their official account.